Present Perfect or Past Simple

When ______ to New York?
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My great-great-grandmother ______ five brothershadAfter he _______ home he had dinner then went to bed.arrivedLady Gaga ______ a waitress before she became famouswasShe _________ in five different countries so she speaks a lot of languages.has livedWilliam and Kate ______ ten years before they got marriedmetWe've known each other _____ six monthsfor___________ that new Netflix series yet?Have you watchedRami Malek _______ an Oscar in 2019 for Bohemian RhadsodywonThe Battle of Waterloo _______ in 1815wasHe _____ three new youtube videos so far this weekhas madeIn 2019 Ed Sheeran ______ the most popular artist on SpotifywasMy sister ______ - come and meet her!has arrivedTikTok ______ over 100 million users in its first year.hadMartin Scorsese ________ The Irishman in 2019directedPrincess Diana _______ two sonshad