First conditional

If you ___ eat anything, you'll be hungry
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If the photos _____ good, I'll post themareWhen dinner is ready, ____ youI'll tellIf you ______ me, I'll follow you back!followIf I still feel bad tomorrow, I____ a doctorwill seeI'll wash the dishes if _______ dinneryou makeIf you _____ a lot of coffee, you ______ tonight!drink / won't sleepI _______ outside if it ____ rainywon't go / isShe _____ to the party if her ex-husband is therewon't comeI __________ happy if you _______ your testwill be / passYou ______ this film if you _____ itwill enjoy / watchDon't forget to subscribe if you ____ the latest videos!wantI can give you the monet if _____ ityou needI'll come outside ______ you text meas soon asYou can't get on the train _______ you have a ticketunlessWe can go as soon as my friend _________arrives