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The Hindu concept of the spirit's 'liberation' from the endless cycle of rebirths., union with Brahman (Enlightenment)


in Buddhism, the release from pain and suffering achieved after enlightenment


suffering is a part of the human condition


(Hinduism and Buddhism) the endless cycle of birth and suffering and death and rebirth, reincarrination cycle

How many gods do they have in Hinduism?

330 million

How is the Hindu most prayed to?


What are the 4 Vedas

Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and the Atharva Veda

Rig Veda

It means "royal knowledge" and pertained to the caste system

Sama Veda

hymns and chants

Yajur Veda

sacraficial formulas, a collection of mostly prose sacrificial formulas used by the presiding priest in a sacrifice

Atharva Veda

magical formulae and mantras, spells and incantations

Caste System

System in India that gives every Indian a particular place in the social hierarchy from birth. Individuals may improve the position they inherit in the caste system in their next life through their actions, or karma. After many lives of good karma, they may be relieved from cycle of life and win their place in heaven.

What are the human levels from highest to lowest in the caste system?

Priests, warrior, merchants, laborers, untouchables

What was Buddha's real name?

Siddhārtha Gautama

What caste was Siddhārtha Gautama born to?

warrior prince

What did Siddhārtha Gautama name his son?

Rahula - which means "Shackles"

What did Siddhārtha Gautama become after he left the palace?

a Hindu priest

What was the turning point that caused Siddhārtha Gautama to forsake Hinduism?

when he almost drowned in a river from not eating well and realized he would never reach enlightenment

What did Siddhārtha Gautama do to reach enlightenment?

sat and meditated under a fig tree for 7 days

Where did Siddhārtha Gautama preach his first sermon?

Deer Park

Who are the 3 main gods of Hinduism?

Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer

What is the Hindu equivalent of the New Testament?


What is the Hindu written response to Buddhism?

Bhagavad Gītā


the religious and moral duties of Hindus


In Hindu belief, all the actions that affect a person's fate in the next life

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