Second Conditional

If she ____ better, she would go to work
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I wouldn't do it ___ you paid me!even ifIf you could change one thing, what ____?would it be___ you did more sport, you'd feel betterIfWould you get married if you ____ in love?fellI would sleep better if ____ so much coffeedidn't drinkI'd save money on petrol if _____ from home-I workedIf they _____, they'd feel calmermeditatedI wouldn't live with my parents if I _____ my own flatcould affordHe _____ other people if he really _____ !wouldn't kiss / loved youWe ____ this car if someone ____ to buy!would sell / wantedIf I _____ a holiday, _____ with me?booked / would you comeIf we ____ Wi-Fi, ____ really bored!didn't have / would beWhat ____ if you ____ your job?would you do / lostIf they ____ allergic to animals, they _____ a catweren't / would getI ____ for help if I _____ the language!would ask / could speak