Lab 41

15 terms by ericadawn2

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Mature red blood cells are also called


The shape of a red blood cell can be described as


The functions of red blood cells are

to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide

The oxygen-carrying substance in a red blood cell


A mature red blood cell can not reproduce because it lacks the ______ that was extruded during late development.


White blood cells are also known as


White blood cells with granular cytoplasms are called


White blood cells lacking a granular cytoplasm are called


Polymorphonuclear leukocyte is another name for a ______ with a segmented nucleus.


Normally, the most numerous white blood cells are


White blood cells whose cytoplasmic granules stain red in acid are called


Normally the least abundant of the white blood cells


The largest type of white blood cells


Small agranulocytes that have relatively large, round nuclei with thin rims of cytoplasm


Small cell fragments the function to prevent blood loss from an injury site are called


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