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Data Protection Act 1998

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What year was the Data Protection Act passed as law
Data Subject
A living person about whom personal data is collected and processed
Data Controller
An appointed person in an Organisation who is charged to ensure that personal data collected, is not misused and that the Data Protection Act is implemented effectively
Personal Data
Covers both facts and opinion about a data subject e.g. names, address, date of birth, telephone and email contacts, medical records, financial records, qualification, pictures and moving images, criminal records etc
Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)
The government department tasked with implementing the Data Protection Act. The also act as Ombudsman between the data subject and the data controller incase of complaints
Rights of a data subject
To view information about them that is held by any organisation. To ask that the information held about them is corrected if it contains errors.
Information that the Data Controller must register with the ICO
Names & Address of the Organisation; Description of data being collected and processed; the reason for collecting personal data; from whom the personal data will be collected; to whom the personal data will be revealed if any.
How many principles of the DPA
The principles of the DPA
Personal data held and processed must be: Fairly and lawfully processed; Processed for only registered purposes; Adequate, relevant and not excessive; Accurate and up to date; Not kept for longer than is necessary; Processed in line with data subject rights; kept secure; Not transferred to countries without adequate protection
Exemptions to the DPA
if the data collected is to safeguard national security; if data collected is for individual personal use; if data collected is to prevent or detect crime; if data collected is for tax purposes collected by the HMRC;
mediator between two aggrieved parties
Her Majesty Revenue & Customs
Why DPA exists
to prevent the misuse of personal data that is collected by various organisations; ICO helps to police and ensure DPA compliance in Organisations.