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have a lot to answer for

to be the cause of a problem or unpleasant situation

not be all it's cracked up to be

not as good as people say it is

have the edge over

have advantage over st

leave a lot to be desired

lack st important

have all the makings of

possess the qualities that are needed for st

a dead loss

st that disappoints u cause they are of bad quality

rough and ready

not prepared, done quickly

throw the baby out with the bathwater

to dispose st good while getting rid of st bad

get / jump / leap on the bandwagon

support st that is popular

play devil's advocate

pretend to be against st to raise more discussion

drive sb to distraction

confuse sb

make an exhibition of oneself

act in foolish way

under false pretences

do st and lie about who u r

do by halves

do partially

laughing stock

object of humilitation and ridicule

at the end of sb's tether

so tired and exhausted by a problem that u cant deal with it anymore

have sb's fill of

have enough

take sb's breath away

shock, astound, surprise

not know which way to turn

not know what to do

red tape

official rules that do not seem necessary

red herring

a piece of info that is introduced to distract sb from the real issue

blue in the face

for a long time

a grey area

area of st existing between two extreme views..

a black hole


a dark horse

one which achieves unexpected support

a lone wolf

likes to be alone

a cold fish

not showing emotions

guinea pig


a fly on the wall

listen unseen

sb's bark is worse than sb's bite

pes co steka nekouse

sb wouldn't hurt a fly

sb is innocent

travel bug

strong desire to travel

got the bit between sb's teeth

take control of situation

free rein

volna ruka

make a real pig of oneself

eat too much

chase one's tail

do st that is useless

keep one's head

remain calm

lose one's head


laugh / scream / shout one's head off

a lot

be banging / hitting one's head against a brick wall

waste time trying to accomplish st useless

off the top of sb's head

improper, unprepared

st turns heads

st attracts people

knock st on the head

stop doing st

keep a head above water


bite / snap sb's heads off

speak sharply and anger

keep sb's head down

say little to avoid problems

pull a face

show that u dont like st or sb by a facial expression

keep a straight face

not show any emotion

put a brave face on st

to behave in a way that prople think u r happy

take st at face value

apparent significance, value

on the face of st


face to face

being in the presence of the other

keep your hair on

stay calm!

tear sb's hair out

be greatly upset

turn a hair

become afraid or upset

at each other's throats


a real pain in the neck


raise a few eyebrows

cause disapproval, disagreement

see eye to eye


on the blink

not working well

in the blink of an eye


not bat an eyelid

not show any shock

catch sb's eye

attract, interest sb

blind as bat


a bat out of hell

in a rapid manner

a bear with a sore head

be in such a bad mood u treat people around badly

busy as a bee


free as a bird


a red rag to a bull

a red rag

st the cat brought in

st untidy or dirty

slippery as a eel


like a fish out of water

very uncomfortable

sly / cunning as a fox


eyes like a hawk


strong as an ox


as far as the eye could see

a lot

as plain as the nose on your face


as ugly as sin


as light as feather


as heavy as lead


avoid st like the plague


have memory like a sieve / goldfish


like greased lightning

very quickly

hear st on the grapevine

a little bird told me

off the record

not officially

read between the lines

from what i can see but has not been said..

get the hang of st

understand st, learn to do st

a rule of thumb

an estimate

out of sb's depth

know very little about some subject

put sb's finger on st

to identify and state an essence of st

bear st in mind

think about st, remember

cross sb's mind

suddenly think of st

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