geology 103 test 3

how many elements make up 99.7% pf earths crust
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where are hydrothermal vents found?mid oceanic ridgeshow are sedimentary ore deposits createdby chemical depositionwhat are evaporitessedimentary mineral deposits that form when seawater is trapped in a shallow area and dries upwhat is the structure of banded iron formationsrepeated thin layers of iron oxides alternating with bands of iron poor shale and chertwhat are stream and weathering ore depositsconcentrate mineral deposits, leaching away unwanted minerals leaving residue with metals of valuewhat are placersan accumulation of valuable minerals formed by gravitywhat are metamorphic ore depositsthey are mineralogical changes caused by heat or pressure of metamorphismwhat are some important metalsiron, aluminums, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobaltwhat are nonmetallic materialsthings like ceramics or tileswhat is porcelaina ceramic material made by heating selected materials like clay to high temperatureshow many tons of sand and gravel are used in the US each year1.1 billion tonshow many tons of crushed rock are used in construction in the US every year1.6 billion tonshow many tons of limestone, marble, and sandstone are used in the US every year1 million tonswhat is the mineral supply and demandit gradually increases with a couple regional slumpswhat is the US consumption of mineralsfrom 1950-90 pop grew by 65% and consumption increased by 130%. in 2013 on average an American would use 3.5 million pounds of mineral and fuel resources in their lifetimewhat is geographical prospectingusing sensitive instruments to detect mineral deposits hidden deep under groundwhat is bouguer gravity mapit shows minute variations in gravity across the select area caused by underground geologywhat is aeromagnetic anomaly mappinga local variation in the earths magnetic field resulting in the chemistry or magnetism of rockswhat is geochemical prospectingprospecting for minerals with portable chemical kits designed to rapidly test metallic elements in surface waterswhat is remote sensingtakes images of an area of interest at different wavelengthswhat are Landsat imagesa unique resource for global change research and applications in ag