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to form emotional bonds with peers and to move beyond those developed with parents

which of the following accurately reflects Freud's view of development in middle childhood?

school relationship

according to Erikson, children reslove the psychosocial task of middle childhood through their

Rudolf will successfully resolve the conflict of this stage through his competence at soccer

Rudolf is struggling with his math and reading skills but excels at soccer. what would Erikson say about Rudolf's sense of competence?

Psychological self

During middle childhood, a new component of the self is added to the categorical, social and emotional selves. This new component includes things like personality traits. What is the term for this new component?

the belief in one's ablilty to cause an intended event to happen

Which of the following best defines self-efficacy?

the general support the child feels from her parents, peers and others

which of the following is a major influence in a child's self esteem?

moral realism

According to Piaget's ideas about children's moral development, a child who insists that the rules of a game cannot be changed because they come from authorities such as parents or religious figures is demonstrating moral development at which stage?

punish them immediately after they have done something wrong

Which of the following is NOT on of the author's suggestions to encourqage moral reasoning?

that later-born children in a family will not perform as well as first-born children on achievement tests

Which of the following is an implication of the resource dilution hypothesis?

strong standards of behavior for girls in later developmental periods

Developmentalists have suggested that differences in the expectations parents have for boys and girls may responsible for?

controlling speech

Rejecting comments, manipulation, ordering, challenging or definace all define which of the following?

"relational aggression"

psychologists have begun to believe that girls may not be less aggressive than boys, but rather that girls may express themselves by using which form of aggression?

a good sense of humor

which of the following is NOT a characteristic of victims of bullying?

aggression and disrupitve behavior

according to the text, which of the following is linked to rejection and unpopularity among chlidren?

social behaviors

which of the following seems to be most important element in a child's acceptance by her peers?

depression and loneliness

which of the following characteristics is more likely to be found in neglected children than in popular or rejected children?

nine to ten

At what age do most developmentalists agree that a child might begin self-care?

Darius who lives in a "bad" neighborhood and must stay inside with the doors locked at all times

which child is most likely to suffer negative effects of self-care?

it has declined

how has the number of children living in poverty changed from the 1980s to now?


The united states government defines poverty as which of the following income levels for a family with one child?

it is logical response to the neighborhoods the are likely to be living in

your text suggests a reason why parents living in poverty are more likely to be stricter and place more emphasis on obedience. what is the reason?

children raised in poverty have increased capacity to deal with stress.

All of the following statements address the typical ways that poverty impacts children EXCEPT


Many children who grow up neighborhoods with street violence, gang activity and overcrowded homes suffer from which of the following?

the child who lives in a neglectful environment but shows few adverse effects because she has the support of her teachers and extended family

which of the following would likely be resilient child?

Albert Bandura

Which researcher conducted the "boo doll" studies to evluate the effects of observing aggressive behavior on children?

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