History Alive! Chapter 8: Facing Slavery

enslaved Africans
People from Africa who were forced to give up their freedom and spend their lives obeying and working for their "owners," or masters; enslaved Africans were treated as property that could be bought and sold.
situations in which a person is forced to make a choice even though there are no good choices
Middle Passage
voyage that brought enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to North America
Huge farms that required a large labor force to grow crops
the continents of North and South America
a sale of slaves when they are herded into a large yard and when the gates are opened buyers run in and grab the slaves they want
slave auction
A sale in which slaves were sold to buyers who bid for them. Usually a slave was sold to the person making the highest bid.
auction block
a block that slaves stood on while men bid on them
Person in charge of slaves in the field