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Which of the following lists the four cell-cycle checkpoints in the cell cycle in the correct order?
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Saturated fats only contain ____ bonds between neighboring carbon atoms.singleUnsaturated fats contain at least one _____ bond between neighboring carbon atoms.doublePermeability decreases as _______ decreases.temperatureWhy aren't cooking oil and gasoline (a hydrocarbon) amphipathic molecules?They do not have a polar or charged regionLipids that contain a high number of double bonds in their fatty acid chains will ________.likely be liquid at room temperatureA major feature of phospholipids that causes a portion of their structure to be hydrophilic is ________.the phosphate groupIntegral membrane proteins are anchored in lipid bilayers. Which of the following groups of amino acid residues would likely be found in the portion that crosses the lipid bilayer?NonpolarDiploidCells that contain two sets of chromosomesWhen does independent assortment of chromosomes occur?meiosis I onlyAfter telophase I of meiosis, the chromosomal makeup of each daughter cell is _____.haploid, and the chromosomes are each composed of two chromatidsIf meiosis produces haploid cells, how is the diploid number restored for those organisms that spend most of their life cycle in the diploid state?fertilizationWhich statement about the daughter cells following mitosis and cytokinesis is correct?They are genetically identical to each other and to the parent cell.Progression through the cell cycle is regulated by oscillations in the concentration of which type of molecule?CyclinsMPF, or mitosis-promoting factor, consists of two important cell-cycle regulatory proteins called _____.cyclin and cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK)Tumor suppressor genes ________.encode proteins that help prevent uncontrolled cell growth