Word problems money and elapsed time

Jayla needs $5.00 for a T-shirt but only has $1.60. How much more does Wendy need?
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The play starts at 11:15 and lasts for one hour and 10 minutes. What time is the play over?12:25Andrew, JT, and Noah went to the bowling alley at 5:30. They bowled for one hour and 20 minutes. Then they played a video game for 30 minutes. After the video game, they leave to go home. What time did they leave?7:20MJ, Mary, and Layla arrive at the mall at 3:45. They spent 45 minutes having lunch and then shopped for 55 minutes before leaving the mall. How much time did they spend at the mall?one hour and 40 minutesJackson started chores at 8:15 and finished at 9:05. It took him 30 minutes to clean his room and he spent the rest of the time bathing his dog. How long did Jackson spend bathing his dog?20 minutesKatie bought 2 pencils. If each pencil cost $0.30 and she paid with a 5 dollar bill, how much change should she get back?$4.40Kevin bought 3 comic books. If each comic book cost $2.25 and he paid with two five dollar bills, how much change should he get back?$3.25Lillian bought 4 bows at the store. If each bow cost $1.00 and she paid with a five dollar bill, how much change should she get back?$1.00How many groups of $2.50 are needed to make $10.00?4Mariah spent $1.50 and has $0.90 left. How much did she have to start with?$2.40One dollar is shared equally by four children. How much will they each get?$0.25Stefano wants to buy a toy car. It costs $0.86. He has 3 quarters and 2 dimes. Does he have enough money to buy the toy car?YesMia has 5 nickels and 9 pennies. Does she have enough money to buy a pencil that costs $0.50?NoHot dogs cost $2.00 each. How many can Kameron buy with a $5 bill?2