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Self Quiz - Test Tube Top Colors


SPS (cultures and blood bank studies)

Light Blue

Sodium Citrate (coagulation studies such as protime, PTT)

Red/Red SST

None or gel barrier (serum testing)

Dark Green & Light Green

Sodium and Lithium Heparin (respectively) (chemistry studies)


EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid) (whole blood testing)


Potassium Oxalate Sodium Fluoride (glucose testing)


K2 EDTA (whole blood testing)

Royal Blue

Sodium Heparin or Na2EDTA (trace element testing)


Sodium Heparin (special toxicology / chemistry)


Buffered Sodium Citrate (whole blood / hematology testing)


Thrombin (STAT serum test)


K2 EDTA and gel barrier (immunology / HIV testing)

What tube is used for chemistry?

Dark Green

What color tube would be used for a CBC?


What color tube would be used for a PT or PTT test?

Light Blue

What color tube would be used for culture?


What color tube would be used for a CBC with Differential?


What color tube would be used for a Platelet Count?

Light Blue

What are the 4 types of blood samples?

Whole Blood
Clotted Blood

What is a PPT?

Plasma Preparation Tube

What color is a Plasma Preparation Tube?


What is K2?


What is Na2?


What tube contains is NaZEDTA?

Royal Blue

What does SST stand for?

Serum Separating Tube

What is the order of draw?

(Light) Blue
Red/Red SST

What is the acronym for the order of draw?

young boys r still getting low grades

Why must the order of draw be followed?

To prevent contamination of tubes.

What color tube would be used for a glucose test?


What kind of tube is the last to be drawn?

additive tubes

What kind of tube is the first to be drawn?

sterile; blood culture tube

What kind of tube is the second to be drawn?

coagulation tube

What kind of tube is the third to be drawn?

non-additive tubes

What color tube is used for a STAT draw?


What is the order of draw after the PINK tube?

Royal Blue

Are you ready for this test?


Name the lab use for the Light Blue tube.

Coagulation study.

Name the additive in the Light blue tube.

Sodium Citrate

What color tube contains Na2EDTA?

Royal Blue tube.

The lab use for a Royal Blue tube is:

Blood Toxicology

What color tube top would you use for special chemistry?


What additive is in the Tan color tube top?

Sodium Heparin

What additive is in the Lavender color tube?


What color tube would you use for whole blood testing?

You would use a Lavender color top tube.

What color tube top is used for basic chemistry?

Dark Green tube color top.

What additive is in the Dark Green tube?

Sodium Heparin

Sodium Fluoride and Potassium Oxalate are addivites in what color tube?

Gray color tube.

Gray color tube top is used for what lab test?

Glucose testing.

What additive is in the Orange color tube top?


If a STAT Serum/Chemistry is ordered, what tube would you use?

The ORANGE colored tube top.

Is there an additive in the RED glass tube?

No, there is not.

Is there an additive in the SST tube?

Yes, a procoagulant.

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