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  1. principle of extendability
  2. regulatory functions
  3. evaluation
  4. syllable structure changes
  5. quinean conundrum
  1. a determine a child's initial and continuing eligability for services of the child's status under IDEA; includes determination of the child's status across developmental areas
  2. b label categories of objects, and not just the original exemplar
  3. c changes to syllables in words
  4. d mapping problem; the uncertainty surrounding mapping a word to its referent in the face of seemingly endless interpertations
  5. e control other's behavior

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  1. inflections added to words to indicate aspects of grammar
  2. precise referent and stable meaning across different contexts
  3. average length, in morphemes, of children's utterances
  4. adopt the terms that people in their language community understand
  5. children use words in an overly general matter

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  1. assessmentongoing procedures used to identify a child's needs, family concerns, and resources


  2. sourceentity that's undergoing the action


  3. agentending point for the movement/action


  4. locationplace where an action/movement occurs


  5. imaginative functionstelling stories to make believe and pretend


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