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  1. regulatory functions
  2. underextension
  3. ecological validity
  4. informative functions
  5. telegraphic speech
  1. a extent to which the data resulting from these tools can be extended to multiple contexts, including the child's home and day surroundings
  2. b children omit key grammatical markers
  3. c use words to refer to only a subset of possible referents
  4. d control other's behavior
  5. e give information to others

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  1. label categories of objects, and not just the original exemplar
  2. adopt the terms that people in their language community understand
  3. ending point for the movement/action
  4. change one sound in a syllable so that it takes on the characteristics of another sound in that same syllable
  5. when the verb be or its derivative serve as a helping verb in a sentence

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  1. imaginative functionstelling stories to make believe and pretend


  2. themeentity that preforms the action


  3. place of articulation changesreplace a sound produced in a particular manner with a sound produce in a different manner


  4. phonetically-consistent formsemantic and rule-governed speech patterns that characterize toddlers' speech


  5. principle of categorical scopelimiting the basis for extension to words that are taxonomically (categorically) similar