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  1. principle of conventionality
  2. syllable structure changes
  3. theme
  4. overextension
  5. source
  1. a starting point for the movement/action
  2. b children use words in an overly general matter
  3. c adopt the terms that people in their language community understand
  4. d changes to syllables in words
  5. e entity that's undergoing the action

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  1. visuomotor neurons
  2. learn novel words with just a few incidental exposures
  3. replace a sound produced in a particular manner with a sound produce in a different manner
  4. limiting the basis for extension to words that are taxonomically (categorically) similar
  5. sastify their needs/wants

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  1. ecological validityextent to which the data resulting from these tools can be extended to multiple contexts, including the child's home and day surroundings


  2. principle of referencesymbolize objects, actions, events, and concepts


  3. regulatory functionscontrol other's behavior


  4. grammatical morphemessemantic and rule-governed speech patterns that characterize toddlers' speech


  5. auxiliarywhen the verb be or its derivative serve as a helping verb in a sentence