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(v.) to kidnap, carry off by force
Synonyms: seize, snatch


(ADJ) not clear; having two or more possible meanings
Antonyms:obvious, plain, clear, unequivocal


(v) to stop short and refuse to go on; to refuse abruptly; to prevent from happening; (n.) (in baseball) an illegal motion made by a pitcher


(adj.) closely and firmly packed together; small; (v) to squeeze together; (n.) an agreement between parties; a small case containing a mirror and face powder; a small car.
Synonyms: (adj.) dense; ( v.) compress
Antonyms: (adj.) oversize, enormous, humongous, bulky


(v) to consult,talk over,exchange opinions, to present as a gift, favor, or honor
Synonyms:deliberate, award, bestow
Antonyms: withdraw, take away, withhold, deny


(v) to set aside for a special purpose ; to mark an animal's ear for identification; (n.) an identifying mark or feature
Synonyms: (v.) reserve; (n.) trait, attribute


(adj.) extremely cold; lacking in warmth or feeling
Synonyms: freezing, unresponsive
Antonyms: hot, balmy, torrid, warm, friendly


(n.) an instrument, tool; (v.) to put into effect
Synonyms:(n.) device, utensil; (v.) fulfill, accomplish, achieve, apply, carry out


(adj.) too great to be counted; unpredictable, uncertain
Synonyms: countless, measureless
Antonyms: measurable,countable, predictable


(adj.) beyond question or argument, definitely true
Synonyms: irrefutable, undeniable, incontestable, inarguable
Antonyms: questionable, debatable, arguable


(adj.) thorough, deep, showing great effort; concentrated
Synonyms: thoroughgoing, heightened, exhaustive
Antonyms: relaxed, easygoing, laid-back


(n.) a planned movement; a skillful plan; a scheme; (v.) to perform or carry out such a planned movement
Synonyms:(n.) move, tactic; (v.) to take such destructive action


(n.) an action taken to destroy something or to prevent it from working properly; (v.) to take such destructive action
Synonyms: (v.) vandalize, cripple, subvert, destroy


(adj.) not enough, barely enough; marked by a small or insufficient amount.
Synonyms: inadequate, meager, skimpy, bare
Antonyms:abundant, plentiful,profuse, excessive


(adj.) done in a way so as not to be seen or observed, sneaky, underhanded
Synonyms: sly, furtive
Antonyms: open, direct, aboveboard, forthright


(adj.) tall, strong, and healthy
Synonyms: sturdy, husky, brawny, athletic, hefty
Antonyms: weak, frail, fragile, delicate, puny


(adj.) harsh, shrill, unpleasant sounding
Synonyms: piercing, grating
Antonyms: mellow, soothing, musical, honeyed


(adj.) to grow vigorously, to grow in wealth and possessions
Synonyms: flourish, blossom, prosper
Antonyms: wither, die, fade, fail


(adj.) of enormous size, strength, power, or scope
Synonyms: gigantic, huge, mighty, immense
Antonyms: tiny, miniature, diminutive, pint-size


(adj.) possessing or acting with bravery or boldness
Synonyms: brave, bold, courageous, gallant, heroic
Antonyms: timid, cowardly, fainthearted, "chicken"

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