New Jersey Manual Chapter 1& 2

Explain in several well written sentences why driving is a privilege.
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List in detail the six restrictions a motorist must follow while holding a NJ special learner's permit(page 18) -No drivng between 11:01- 5 -No using hand held or hands free cell phones or any electronic devices. -permit holder must be accompanied in the front seat by an adult who is at least least 21+ and who posseses a valid driver license and has minimum of 3 yrs driving experience. -passengers are limited to any parent, or guardian and one additional passenger. -permit holder and all passengers must wear seatbelts. -display decals on license platesWhat is the minimum age requirement to take the Road Test?(pg 17) The minimum age is 17A 17 year old who has a probationary license also follows restrictions. What is the difference in the restrictions between the permit and the probationary license?(pg 18) The restrictions regarding passengers are different.What is the minimum age to obtain a basic, unrestricted NJ driver's license?(pg 16) The minimum age is 18.If a Probationary driver is over the age of 21, what are the time and passenger restrictions ?(pg 18) The time and passenger restrictions do not apply.If you have your probationary license and you do not finish work until 1 am, what can you do [be specific] to be able to drive yourself home after work?(Pg 20) Exemptions; proof of a need to drive during the prohibited hours for employment.What is the difference between an examination permit and a special learner's permit?(pg 18-20) They are different because the applicant does not have to be a student and on instructor is not necessary.For someone over the age of 21, who is getting their license; how many months must they drive with a supervising driver?(pg 17) With a supervising driver, they must drive for 3 monthsWhere do the red reflective decals go? And for how long does a driver need to display them?(pg 19) The decals go to the top left corner of the rear license plate and the other on the top left corner of the front license plate. they stay on until the driver is over 18.Who is responsible when a student driver commits an offense?(pg 19) Both the student and the accompanying instructor will be responsible if the student commits an offense.What are the minimum vision requirements to obtain a driver's license. Be specific.(pg 30) The minimum vision requirements to obtain a drivers license is 20/50 vision with or without corrective lenses.What documents must one bring with them to the Road Test?(pg 30) You need to bring a valid inspection sticker, valid registration card, and valid insurance Id card for the vehicle used, and 6 points of Id.Why is a center console prohibited in the vehicle utilized for the Road Test?(pg 34) The center console is prohibited in the vehicle utilized for the road test b/c the inspector can reach over and step on the brake when needed.What is the purpose of the Road Test?To make sure that the applicant understands the rules of the road and can drive safely (pg 35)List eight common reasons the vehicle will be rejected for the Road Test.(pg 37) -improper, expired, or no inspection sticker -lack of examiner access ore foot brake or parking brake. -poor brakes -dashboard brake warning light on -parking brake, brake lights, or signal lights not working -missing seatbelts -vehicle interior is not clean -broken or cracked window glass