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List two of the four cooperating parties that agree on coding principles


Identify the main______ in the diagnostic statement


Locate the main term(s) in the Alphabetic Index, Volume__________


Review any ________under the main term in the index.

cross reference

Follow any ___________ ____________ instructions, such as "see also"

2, 1

Verify the code(s) selected from the Index
(Vol. ___) in the Tabular List (Vol.______) referred to in this text as the Tabular.

Tabular List

Refer to any instructional notations in the ________
____________ .


Assign codes to the highest level of ___________. For example, if a fourth digit is available, you cannot assign only a three-digit code, and if a fifth digit is available, you cannot assign only a four-digit code.


Code the diagnosis until all __________ are completely identified.

1. Two diagnoses; 2. A diagnosis with an associated manifestation; 3. A diagnosis with an associated complication.

A combination code is a single code used to classify: List 3 uses: 1.________ 2___________


True or False: Additional signs and symptoms that may not routinely be associated with the disease process being reported should be coded when present.


True or False: In the outpatient setting, an impending condition should be coded as if it actually exists.


True or False: When separate codes exist to identify acute and chronic conditions, the chronic code is sequenced first.


True or False: It is acceptable to use only the Alphabetic Index to assign ICD-9-CM codes.


True or False: When sequencing codes for residuals and late effects, the residual is sequenced first followed by the late effect code.


True or False: A code is invalid if it has not been coded to the full number of digits available for that code.


True or False: The Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting are updated annually.

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