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  1. Department of Insurance
  2. Group Insurance
  3. Punitive Damages
  4. Coverage expense
  5. Marketing Department
  1. a Any expense complete or partial payment is provided under the insurance policy
  2. b responsible for presenting insurance products to the company's customers
  3. c often the larger of the two awards and are intended primarily to punish wrongdoing by the defendant and make an example of them to help deter such actions in the future
  4. d entire insurance industry is overseen by a larger body
  5. e provides coverage for several people under one contract

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  1. studies that an insurance company uses
  2. is an agreement whereby companies collect fees or "premiums" from individuals or companies on a regular basis
  3. the ability to transfer insurance companies and still be covered for pre-exisiting conditions
  4. are monetary awards above and beyond the benefits provided by the group plan
  5. The dollar amount based on two concepts: (1) the degree of wrongfulness and (2) the wealth of the defendant

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  1. Renewalthe Federal Health Insurance Benefit Plan for the Aged and Disabled under Title XVIII of Public Law 89-97 of the Social Security Act


  2. Subpoenademand for a witness or a document to appear


  3. Lapse in coveragecoverage on a person's life


  4. Frauddeception to cause a person to give up property or something of lawful right


  5. Individual Insurancean employer or individual purchases an insurance plan and agrees to pay premiums to the insurance company