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  1. Subpoena
  2. Claims Department
  3. Medicaid
  4. Medicare
  5. Human Resources Department
  1. a responsible for matters relating the company's employees
  2. b demand for a witness or a document to appear
  3. c the Federal Health Insurance Benefit Plan for the Aged and Disabled under Title XVIII of Public Law 89-97 of the Social Security Act
  4. d the federal program established under Title XIX of the Social Security Act of 1965
  5. e the processing of claims in a correct and timely manner

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  1. professional firm that is under contract to deal solely with administering the eligibility and claim payment services for self-funded benefit plans
  2. which involves the employees of the company against which the fraud is perpetrated
  3. deception to cause a person to give up property or something of lawful right
  4. issued to insure the life or health of a named person or persons
  5. responsible for ensuring that the company's operation are conducted on a mathematically sound basis

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  1. Disability Insurancecovers medical and hospital services. Such policies are sold as individual or group policies


  2. Lapse in coveragecoverage on a person's life


  3. Insurance Speculationmeans buying insurance or coverage for the purpose of making a profit


  4. Compensatory Damagesoften the larger of the two awards and are intended primarily to punish wrongdoing by the defendant and make an example of them to help deter such actions in the future


  5. New Business Departmentprocesses new business acquired by the company and Department also schedules physical examination for policies that require evidence of insurability