11 terms

labor law terms and concepts

wildcat strike
striking against the wishes of the union
cause demand for labor by slowing down the production process or being inefficient in their work, not allowed under taft hartley
sweetheart contract
employer makes side payments to receive favorable contract under the cba, not allowed under landrum griffin
5 member board responsible for enforcement of the wagner act; deal with issues of unfair labor practices and certification/decertification of the union elections; free speech violations, and issues involving strikes and pickets; dismisses 70% of cases filed; 50,000 cases per year
emporium capwell case
exclusive representation of the union for workers; must include fair representation
labor injunction
employer goes to court saying the workers are banding together; that is illegal restraint of trade under sherman; not used anymore except if actions get violent
open shop
right of workers to join or not to join a union in order to work; similar to right to work state
closed shop
must become a member of a union in order to work at that location, illegal under taft hartley
yellow dog contract
contract in which the employee gives up the right to band together with other workers or risk losing their job, cannot become member of union, illegal under norris laguardia act
union shop
may have to join union to keep job but only money member non political
least skilled to most skilled
money goes from ____ _____ to _____ ______ when minimum wage rate goes up