Passive forms

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Hamlet ___ by Shakespeare
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When was the first basketball game ___?playedIn some regions pigs and dogs ___ to find trufflesare usedFiat ___ by a group of Italian businessmen in 1899was startedWhen was the microchip ____?inventedThe criminals ____ this morningwere arrestedThe cat ___ all the fish last night!atePenicillin ____ by Alexander Flemingwas discoveredHow many languages ___ in Switzerland?are spokenShe ___ a dog yesterdaywas bitten byI ____ that the train leaves in half an hourwas toldThe lucky winners _____ at randomwere chosenSmoking _____ in this officeisn't allowedMy brother ___ all the disheswashedThe eclipse ___ by everyonewill be seenWe will ____ a new car soonbuy