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CPT - coding

What does CPT stand for
current procedural terminology
Who designed the CPT system
American Medical Association
What month can you buy the annual update of the CPT mannual
What can be found in appendix A
modifiers used to alter or modify codes
What can be found in appendix B
additions, deletions, revisions of CPT mannual
What can be found in appendix C
clinical examples of Evaluation and Managemengt (E/M) services codes
What is the symbol for modifier 51 exempt
circle with a line thru it
What is the symbol for moderate sedation
What is the symbol for an add on
What is the symbol for product pending FDA approval
lightening bolt
What is the symbol for new code
black dot
What is the symbol for revised code
black triangle
What is the code for beginning and end text changes
right and left triangle
what month does the annual revised edition of the CPT mannual become available
What are the six ways you can look up a code in the index
procedure/service, diagnosis/condition/disease, synonym, eponym, abbrevation, anatomic site
How does appendix A function
lists all modifiers
How does appendix B function
lists additions, deletions, revisions
How does appendix C function
clinical examples of Evaluation and Management
(E/M) service codes
How does appendix F function
CPT codes that are Modifier -63 exempt
What does Modifier -63 identify for procedures performed
infants that weigh less than 4kg or 8.8 lbs
How does appendix G function
Summary of moderate sedation codes
How does appendix H function
descripitons of Catergory II codes
What is Catergory II codes
optional tracking codes to identify performance measures of clinical components
How does appendix I function
lists the Genetic Testing Modifiers
How does appendix J function
identifies the sensory, motor, and mixed nerves
How does appendix K function
codes tracked by AMA to monitor FDA status for approval of a drug
How does appendix L function
lists vascular families and orders of vascular families
How does appendix M function
crosswalk to Deleted CPT Codes
synonyms are
words with similar meaning
eponym is
things named after people
a listing of all add-on codes is located in which appendix
These codes provide supplemental information and do not substitute for a Category I code
Category II
When using an unlisted or Category III code, third-party payers usually require the submission of what
special report
CPT manual is updated annually to reflect technologic advances and editorial
What type of code ends with 99
Unlisted Service or Procedure
What is the report called that a physician dictates to show that an unusual or rare procedure is performed
special report
What type of code has the full code description
stand - alone
What type of code has only a portion of the code description
What would providers enter on the insurance form to show payers which services or procedures were performed
What does HCPCS stand for
Healthcare Commmon Procedural Coding Systems
In which year were CPT codes Incorp. as level I codes into the HCPCS systems
The first CPT was published in this year
Which CPT manual appendix contains a complete list of all modifer -51 exempt codes
Appendix E