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GCSE Volcanic hazards

Volcanoes and impacts set - for GCSE AQA from http://www.coolgeography.co.uk

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Natural Hazard
Any natural event that has the capacity to kill people and damage their possessions
Primary Impact
The immediate impacts of a volcanic eruption
Secondary Impact
After effects or indirect impacts of a hazard - e.g. outbreaks of disease following an eruption
Short term response
How people react as a disaster happens and the immediate aftermath
Long term response
Actions that occur in the months and years after a hazardous event
Money, food, training and technology given by richer countries to porrer countries
The opening of a volcano at the Earth's surface
A volcanic mud flow
Magma Chamber
A cavity within a volcano where molten material is stored
Methods such as radars, tilt meters and sulphur gas meters used to try to tell when a volcano will erupt
Instrument used to measure horizontal or vertical motion during an earthquake.
Pyroclastic flow
an avalanche of glowing rocks flowing on a cushion of hot gases
Mount Pinatubo
A volcano in the Philippines
A hole left by an exploded volcano