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  1. Peace and courage to strengthen individuals to overcome any difficulties associated with serious illness or old age
  2. spiritual strength
  3. prayers of intercession
  4. prepares the person for the final journey into eternal life
  5. unites the more closely to Christ's passion
  6. forgiveness of sins

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  1. Graces of Reconciliation 5source of peace of mind


  2. SatisfactionMaking up for our sins


  3. ContritionTrue sorrow for sins


  4. Graces of Reconciliation 2Restores us and cures any wounds inflicted on the body of Christ


  5. Graces of anointing of the sick 2healing for the soul, and if such is gods will, healing for the body


  6. Principle Elements of Anointing of the Sick 3anointing of the forehead and hands with blessed oil