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Lena becomes hungry because the smell of a coworker's lunch suddenly reminds her it is lunchtime. This is an example of __________ perception.
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Causal attribution theory depicts three possible causes for a person's behavior. What are they?the circumstances, the stimulus, or the personCulture has a profound effect on us because it is __________.so ever-present we are not even aware of itWhen Stephanie didn't show up for class, the other students all assumed she hadn't studied for the test so she stayed home. Which theory are the students using to make this assumption?causal attributionWhich aspect of culture is reflected in the music and art associated with a group?aestheticsStandpoint theory best explains our perceptions of power by saying that they are based on __________.our own point of referenceMichael believes that because Christian won't even try to learn the new software, he will continue to behave this way when anything new is introduced and therefore isn't a valuable employee. This demonstrates which barrier to accurate communication?imposing consistencySelf-serving bias is the tendency to perceive our own behavior as __________.more positive than the behaviors of othersBryan thought Julia was late for the meeting because she didn't get up early enough. He didn't realize that her car hadn't started and she had to take the bus to work. What type of judgment is Bryan making?fundamental attribution errorTreating a small amount of information as highly representative leads to inaccurate, prejudicial, and just plain wrong conclusions. Which concept is described here?overgeneralizingWhen we evaluate others on the basis of an implicit attitude, we are engaging in __________.stereotypingYou have a hunch your girlfriend is angry with you, and you wonder what is going on. An example of indirect perception checking would be __________.watching her body languageConsciously thinking about another person's thoughts and feelings is referred to as __________.social decenteringBy the end of the semester, Natalie feels like she is attending class but not listening as attentively as she did at the beginning of the year. She decides to be more conscious of how she participates in class. Her decision is an example of __________.mindfulnessThe text suggests that because it is difficult to be objective about our own behavior, we should __________.rely on feedback from others to help us with self-perceptionAfter Dante explained what he planned to do on his trip, Kim asked him, "Do you really intend to travel across the United States without access to a cell phone?" Kim's question is an example of __________.direct perception checking