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  1. What is the issuing office of the Federal Register?
  2. Physician visit coverage
  3. Automatic coverage under Social Security
  4. Part C (advantage)
  5. Name 3 facts about PPO plans
  1. a Co-pay is fixed and there is a deductible, there is capitated fee for service carve outs, auth is required.
  2. b Medicare Part B
  3. c Patient has relinquished part B and has chose an HMO plan, Private fee for service, Medicare special needs plans
  4. d Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  5. e Medicare Part A

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  1. Co-pay is fixed, there is a deductible, Capitated fee for service carve outs, auth is required.
  2. To ensure effective, up to date health care coverage and promote quality care for beneficiaries.
  3. Hospital, Hospice, Skilled nursing
  4. national dollar amount that is applied to all services paid on the basis of the Medicare Fee Schedule
  5. Physcians, DME, lab, x-ray, home health

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  1. Medicare Part Can official document, that lists the new and proposed regulations of executive departments and regulatory agencies.


  2. RBRVSResourse Based Relative Value System


  3. What is the Vision of CMS?To achieve a transformed and modernized health care system


  4. What major change in Medicare took place in 1989?1965


  5. Beneficiary pays premium for coverageMedicare Part B