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10 terms by MrRich

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Review of Video Terms

Simple Background

The subject is in focus and the background is simple (monotone or plain).

Included Background

The subject is in focus and the background is equally in focus.

Blurred Background

The subject is in focus but the background is blurred.

Omitted Background

The subject is in focus but there is little to no background. Subject takes up most of the frame.

Natural Framing

A natural element frames the subject in.

Leading Lines

Diagonal lines and "S-curves" draw the eye into and through the subject.

Active Balance

The using of leading lines + the rule of thirds + natural framing to lead the eye through a photo.

Static Balance

A photo that uses horizontal and vertical lines, very still.

Rule of Thirds

The subject is on a "third" of the photo. THE SUBJECT IS NOT CENTERED.

Triangle Rule.

The only exception to the Rule of Thirds. If the subject is in the shape of a triangle, it points to the center of takes up most of the frame.

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