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ELI Reading 6 - American Values and Assumptions


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degree or amount, how much or how well something is true or finished

(She speaks English to the _______ that she can communicate simple ideas.)
possible to do or achieve, realistic or practical, likely to succeed

(Tom wanted to become rich by the age of 25 but that wasn't a _______ goal for him.)
limit, restriction, a legal or social control on what you can do

(Employees can criticize the company privately but there are _______s on doing so on Facebook or other public places.)
a suggestion or hint of something, an indirect indication of a fact or quality

(The word "regime" simply means "government" but it has _______s of a harsh or corrupt government.)
independence, the ability to do things without help from other people

(As children grow up, their _______ increases and they don't need their parents as much.)
unfriendly or unsociable, staying apart from other people

(Mary stood _______ from her classmates and always ate lunch by herself.)
apparently true but not in a deep way, seeming to have a certain quality but not really

(Jason is nice now because he needs our help but it's very _______; he's usually angry and mean.)
too trustful or optimistic, unable to see problems or dishonesty because of youth or inexperience

(I was _______ when I started this business, I didn't realize how much time and money it would take.)
direct in speech or action, honest, not using a lot of unnecessary words

(Jane admitted her mistake in a very _______ manner, and we admired that.)
inclined to
likely to do or believe something but not strongly; used when a person is making a decision but isn't finished yet

(Barbara is _______ accept Dirk's marriage proposal but she wants to get to know him a little better first.)