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ELI Reading 6 - Time Talks, With an Accent


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interested (someone), caught someone's attention

(Jane's stories of life in Africa ______ me and I wanted to know more about that continent.)
the habit or quality of being on time, not late

(American doctors rarely practice ______. They always keep patients waiting.)
informally, in a relaxed way

(Prof. King spoke to us ______ about the course, which made us feel more comfortable.)
led, accompanied a person to a destination

(The guide ______ a group of tourists to the hotel.)
too proud, selfish, having a very high opinion of yourself

(Rich people are sometimes ______, especially if they were born into a wealthy family.)
changing quickly or violently

(He's got a ______ temper. The smallest remark can make him angry.)
habitual, doing or thinking something because you've done/thought it for a long time

(Linda has been getting up at 4 a.m. for 12 years, so early rising is ______ in her by now.)
things or events that don't match up or seem contradictory

(There were some ______ in Jeff's explanation; he said he really wanted the job but he also said he hated the company and didn't respect the boss.)
big mistakes, errors

(I made some ______ when I tried to speak Spanish, and I said some bad words by mistake.)
very large or significant

(Sheila and Bob made some ______ changes to their living room; they replaced all the furniture and painted the walls a much brighter color.)