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PRX301 - Test 2

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Which of the following statement about SAX is false?
Select one:
a. Data parsing can be controlled through SAX
b. SAX has a smaller footprint
c. SAX faces difficulty in analyzing large documents
d. SAX focuses on real content
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Which of the following statements related to the TranformerFactoty class and its methods are false?
Select one:
a. The TransformerFactory class is used for creating Transformer and Templates objects
b. The getURIResolver() method is used to get the object that is used by-default throughout the transformation
c. The setErrorListener(ErrorListener listener) method is used to set the error event listener
d. The getFeature(String name) method permits the user to set values for specific attributes
Which of the following statement explains about the object relational mapping?
Select one:
a. The object relational mapping uses the XML document as a tree of objects
b. The object relational mapping uses middleware tools to map with database
c. The object relational mapping can handle the mixed contents
d. The objects are not specific to the XML document, which is mapped to the database schema