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United States History Chapter 8 Key Terms & People

The key terms and people from Chapter 8.
Alexander Hamilton
1st Secretary of Treasury, leader of Federalist
George Washington
1st President of United States
Thomas Jefferson
Secretary of State, leader of Republicans,John Adam's Vice-President Vice President
Henry Knox
1st Secretary of War
Edmund Randolph
1st Attorney General
John Jay
1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, negotiated with British for Washington
Whiskey Rebellion
revolt of farmers in Pennsylvania against tax on Whiskey
John Adams
2nd President of United States
Anthony Wayne
General who defeated Native American at Battle of Fallen Timbers
Alien Act
increased the number of years from 5 to 14 before eligible for citizenship, President given power to deport or imprison aliens considered dangerous
Sedition Act
law making it a crime to criticize or say anything false about the government, especially the President and Congress
States Rights
belief that because the states created the United States, individual states have the power to nullify federal laws
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
resolutions passed by the legislature in two states declaring the Alien and Sedition Act unconstitutional