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  1. what can cause inflammation, damage DNA, and may even cause death
  2. emulsions are united by
  3. what is the lightest lemt known?
  4. give an example of a physica change
  5. energy is __________ matter
  1. a hydrogen
  2. b water to steam
  3. c an emuilsifier
  4. d not
  5. e free radicals

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  1. w/o
  2. water in oil
  3. is dissolved
  4. water loving
  5. Carbon

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  1. 10% of this compound is used as an antisepticoxygen


  2. Metals, minerals, and water are examples ofo/w


  3. oxidation and reduction happenfrom blue to red


  4. what forms does nitrogen mostly takehydrogen


  5. when oxygen is emoved foma sbstace that substance isoxidized