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  1. acids
  2. what is the characteristics of a liquid?
  3. what is usually a solid color
  4. one characteristic of Organic substances is that they will_________
  5. suractat are
  1. a used to emulsify oil and water
  2. b definate size but not a definate shape
  3. c emulsons
  4. d burn
  5. e have a pH below 7

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  1. negative
  2. water
  3. acid mantle
  4. air
  5. mixable

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  1. pHits reltive degre of acidity or alkalinity


  2. what emulsion is easlily ised with water?w/o


  3. what can cause inflammation, damage DNA, and may even cause deathantioxidents


  4. solutions areuniform mixtures of 2 or more equally mixable substances


  5. what is the lightest lemt known?hydrogen