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  1. Metals, minerals, and water are examples of
  2. what is usually cloudy
  3. energy is __________ matter
  4. an electron has what charge?
  5. what is the characteristics of a liquid?
  1. a not
  2. b Inorganic substances
  3. c negative
  4. d definate size but not a definate shape
  5. e suspensions

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  1. w/o
  2. water
  3. ammonia and nitrates
  4. Carbon
  5. mayo, cleansers, moisturizers, body wash

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  1. what is the diffrence between an elemental and a compoun molecule?elemental is 2 or more of the same atoms, compound molecule is diffrent atoms


  2. The most abundent element on earth isoxygen


  3. a soventis dissolved


  4. give a example of a solid?ice


  5. Gasoline, plastics and fertilizers are all exaples ofOrganic substances