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  1. a ________ is the smallest particle of an element
  2. what is usually cloudy
  3. what is the diffrence between an elemental and a compoun molecule?
  4. there are _______ naturaly occuring elements
  5. what prevents oxidation from occuring in skin are poducts
  1. a elemental is 2 or more of the same atoms, compound molecule is diffrent atoms
  2. b suspensions
  3. c atom
  4. d 90
  5. e antioxidents

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  1. 2
  2. anything that occupies space and has mass
  3. uniform mixtures that tend to seperate over time, have larger particles
  4. w/o
  5. w/o

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  1. what element makes up 4/5ths of te airammonia and nitrates


  2. what is the lightest lemt known?hydrogen


  3. o/w =oil in water


  4. alkalines turn litmus paper7


  5. energy is __________ matternot