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  1. neutral pH for water
  2. what forms does nitrogen mostly take
  3. what prevents oxidation from occuring in skin are poducts
  4. give an example of a chemica change
  5. surfactaants have ____ ends
  1. a 2
  2. b ammonia and nitrates
  3. c antioxidents
  4. d 7
  5. e iron to rust or wood to ash

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  1. definate size and a definate shape
  2. water to steam
  3. have a pH above 7
  4. o/w
  5. together at the same time

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  1. salons primarily u what emulsiospositive


  2. hydrophillicoil loving


  3. antioxidents prevent oxidation by neutalizingfree radicals


  4. combustion isthe rapid oxidation of a subsatnce


  5. what is ther most commonly used cosmetic ingredient?water