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  1. alkalines (bases)
  2. a neutron has what charge?
  3. solutions are
  4. what is formed by joining 2 or more atoms together?
  5. what is the diffrence between an elemental and a compoun molecule?
  1. a a molecule
  2. b have a pH above 7
  3. c neutral
  4. d uniform mixtures of 2 or more equally mixable substances
  5. e elemental is 2 or more of the same atoms, compound molecule is diffrent atoms

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  1. water and salt
  2. reduced
  3. used to emulsify oil and water
  4. ammonia and nitrates
  5. nitrogen

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  1. what prevents oxidation from occuring in skin are poductsantioxidents


  2. what is the lightest lemt known?no definate size and no definate shape


  3. oxidation and reduction happenneutral


  4. w/o =water in oil


  5. Organic Chemistry is the study of substances that containCarbon


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