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Study Guide for Chapter 9 Test


The study of psychological and physical changes from birth through old age is called _______.


The researcher who studies a fixed group of people over a long period of time is, by definition, using the _______ method.


A researcher decides to study cognitive changes in children by tracking a group of 3-year-olds until they have reached the age of 18. This researcher is conducting a _______ study.

two weeks

About _______ after conception, the cells of the baby-to-be begin to specialize.


The term used by psychologists to describe the characteristic patterns of emotional reactions and emotional self-regulation in the newborn child and young infant is _______.


Human infants are born with approximately _______ billion neurons.


The fact that babies gain control over gross arm movements much sooner than they gain fine muscle control over their fingers exemplifies _______ development.

the growth spurt

The most obvious change ushering in adolescence is _______.


Jack is 24 years old. His major task, according to Erikson, is to develop a sense of _______.

middle age

Fear of death is likely to be MOST prominate in _______.


A psychologist spends her entire career studying how and why changes occur in people as they get older. This psychologist is most likely a _______ psychologist.


A method of studying developmental changes by evaluating the same people at different points in their loves is a _______study.


To solve the problems posed by cross-sectional and longitudinal approaches, many researchers turn to the _______ approach.


From the second week until the third month after conception, the developing organism is called an _______.


The infant death rate in the U.S is _______ as high for African American as it is for whites.


A reflex crucial to an infant's survival is _______.


Studies of children's growth over their first 21 months have found that most children show no growth _______ percent of the time.


Chad is 3 years old. When he goes to the store with his mommy to buy his daddy a birthday present, he insists on buying his daddy a toy truck. This is an example of _______.


The onset of sexual maturation in adolescence is known as _______.


The median age of an American woman marrying for the first time was _______ years in 2005.

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