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Creating Reports

Aging Report

A reort that lists the amount of money owed the practice, organizied by the length of time the money has been owed.

Day Sheet

A report that provides information on practice activities for a twenty-four hour period.

Insurance Aging Report

A report that lists how long a payer has taken to respond to insurance claims.

Patient Aging Report

A report that lists a patient's balance by age, the date and amound of the last payment, and the telephone number.

Patient Day Sheet

A summary of the patient activity on a given day.

Patient Ledger

A report that lits the financial activity in each patient's account, including charges, payments, and adjustments

Payment Day Sheet

A report that lists payments received on a given day, organized by provider.

Practice Analysis Report

A report that analyzes the revenue of a practice for a specified period of time, usually a month or a year.

Procedure Day Sheet

A report that lists the procedures performed on a given day, listed in numerical order.

Selection Boxes

Fields within the Search dialog box that are used to filter the data that will appear in a report.

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