The Canterbury Tales: Review & The Wife of Bath's Tale

Lesson 6 The Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath's Tale Review 15 Questions LAST 4 Q about the Wife of Bath's Tale Connections Academy.

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In the Prologue, what is Chaucer's main reason for writing about the pilgrimage?
to create a setting for telling stories by different characters
From the Prologue what was the purpose of the pilgrims' trip?
to go on a pilgrimage
In the Prologue where are the pilgrims going?
to the cathedral in Canterbury
In the Prologue what does the narrator mean in saying these lines?

But first I beg of you, in courtesy, Not to condemn me as unmannerly... If I speak plainly and with no concealing's... And give account of all their words and dealings.
Please do not blame me if I tell you the truth about what they said and did.
In the Prologue what does the narrator mean when he says the following about the Friar?

But anywhere a profit might accrue... Courteous he was and lowly of service too.
The Friar helps people when he can make money doing it.
Based on the excerpt below from The Pardoners Tale, what can you infer from these words of the pardoner?
He wants his parishioners to give him plenty of their money
In the Pardoner's tale what is the allegory that the Pardoner teaches?
Greed is the root of all evil
In the Pardoner's Tale which words best describe the three rioters?
greedy and rough
In the Pardoner's Tale what is one characteristic of an allegory?
the use of characters to stand for ideas
In the Pardoner's tale who is the old man?
According to "The Wife of Bath's Tale" why was the knight condemned to die?
He attacked a maiden
In "the Wife of Bath's Tale" what does the word reprove mean in these lines?
Some say the things we most desire are these... Freedom to do exactly as we please... With no one to reprove our faults and lies... Rather to have one call us good and wise.
According to "The Wife of Bath's Tale in the story of Midas, his wife tells her secret to the water. What is the point of this story?
Women cannot keeps secrets to themselves
According to "The Wife of Bath's Tale why does the knight agree to marry the old women?
She promises him that she knows the secret to what all women want.