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personalitywhat is special about your character that makes you different from othersa siblingbrother or sisteridenticalbeing exactly the same as sb or sth elsea twinperson born immediately before or after sb else from the same mothera featurepart of the face such as eyes, nose, etc.to inheritreceive money after a person's death, often a relative's.characterpersonalityequallywhen two things have the same degree or level as each otherraisebring upgeneticallyhaving the same inherited biological featuresbehaveactalikesimilarcontactcommunicationadoptivehaving legally taken a child into your family to bring up as your ownreact todo sth in response to an event or situationa researcherperson who finds out things about a particular subject.a case studyreal story or situationapartseparated, away from each othercoincidencetwo things happening at the same time by chanceto determineinfluence and directmainlygenerally but not onlyto treatbehave in a particular way towards sbsurroundingseverything around or near youtake sth for grantedaccept sth without thinking about ituniquebeing the only onefascinatingvery unusual and interestingto challengeHere: go against an ideaa notionan ideaunnervinglystrangely, upsettinglyin terms ofwhen thinking abouta mannerismphysical behaviour you do that you are often unaware ofa traita special quality or part of your personalityto occurto happenat randomwithout a particular reasonregardless ofnot depending onethniccultural or nationalDNAgenetic fingerprinta stageHere: a step in a processpregnancythe nine months during which a baby grows inside a woman.an aspectpart of an idea or situationto provideto givean attitudethe way you think about stha talenta special abilitya selectiona choiceaginggetting oldertrulyreallyto reuniteto bring together after a separationsharedHere: have the same as sb elsea youngsteryoung persona vacationholiday in American Englisha sheriffofficer of the law in Americaa migrainevery bad headacheeerilystrangely and mysteriouslyan instancean exampleupbringingbeing brought upa janitorcaretaker, person whose job is to look after a building (American English)ruralbeing in the countrysidea factorsth that contributes to a resultto shapeinfluence the development of sth or sbso faruntil this pointto indicateto showargumentativeoften arguingarrogantbelieving and acting as if you are better than othersbossyalways telling others what to doeasy-goingrelaxed and rarely getting angryeccentricacting differently from normal peoplenarrow-mindednot tolerant of different behaviouropen-mindedtolerant, accepting other ideassensibledoing things for a good and logical reasonsensitivereacting easily to emotional situationsa perspectivepoint of viewto boasttelling people good things about yourselfmodestythe fact of not telling everyone about your achievementsdo your own thingdo what you want to without worrying what people thinkto speak your mindsay what you thinkoffendedfeel hurt by what sb says