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  1. Brahmanas
  2. Ramayan
  3. Kirat Karna
  4. Naivedya
  5. Ganesha
  1. a Hindu God worshipped before all others
  2. b Classical hindu scripture
  3. c Hindu offering of food
  4. d hindu ritual text (2nd section)
  5. e S. earn a livelihood by decent means through hard physical work and/or mental effort

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  1. hindu worship of images
  2. community of elders. S.
  3. karma and rebirth, salvation from rebirth, Guru (spiritual master) concept, Prasad (sacred food) concept, devotional hymn-singing
  4. 500 years old
  5. offering of lambs

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  1. HaumaiS. self-centered materialistic life (that must be given-up)


  2. Al-hindoffering of lambs


  3. MahabharataHindu scripture, epic war poem, contains story of 8th incarnation


  4. Gurudwara7th incarnation and is in ramayana


  5. Battle of Tours732 CE