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  1. Khalsa Sikh common names
  2. kacch
  3. Brahman
  4. Granthi
  5. Which hindu gods are vedic?
  1. a Varuna, Indra
  2. b briefs (sexual morality and decency) S.
  3. c term for God in VEDIC hinduism
  4. d Sing, Kaur
  5. e S. "scripture keeper" (functions as a priest)

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  1. S. Lion (for males)
  2. temple. S.
  3. free food for all after Sikh worship-service. S.
  4. Hindu Gods
  5. 500 years old

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  1. keshbriefs (sexual morality and decency) S.


  2. Tirthapriest blesses


  3. Aratiscripture. S.


  4. Hazur SahibDeathplace of 10th Guru (Nander, Maharashtra State, India)


  5. Two stages of sikh scripture formationAdi Granth, Guru Granth Sahib