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  1. kirpan
  2. Nam Japna
  3. Haumai
  4. Adi Granth
  5. Puja
  1. a short dagger (courage and confidence) S.
  2. b S. self-centered materialistic life (that must be given-up)
  3. c Hindu worship service
  4. d S. Hymns of the Hindu and moslem mystics, and the hymns of the 1st-5th gurus
  5. e S. meditate on God's name

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  1. Hindu offering of food
  2. God is the only reality, appears in three ways, gods, souls, matter. reality is divided into two realities; absolute and relative
  3. 788-820
  4. temple. S.
  5. Japji, Gurudwara, Granth, Sangat, Langar

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  1. Sahib are?Hindu temple


  2. Ramanuja school of Vedanta - Hinduism788-820


  3. Utsavaprosessions


  4. AratiS. "scripture keeper" (functions as a priest)


  5. Rama7th incarnation and is in ramayana