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  1. Mahabharata
  2. Guru Granth Sahib
  3. Battle of Tours
  4. Brahmanas
  5. Five institutions of Sikhism
  1. a hindu ritual text (2nd section)
  2. b Adi Granth plus the hymns of the 9th Guru
  3. c 732 CE
  4. d Japji, Gurudwara, Granth, Sangat, Langar
  5. e Hindu scripture, epic war poem, contains story of 8th incarnation

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  1. term for God in VEDIC hinduism
  2. 1238-1317
  3. birthplace of 1st guru (Talwandi, Punjab Province, Pakistan)
  4. Hindu Gods
  5. refers to one hindu god

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  1. Dual Heritage of Sikhism from hindu sidekarma and rebirth, salvation from rebirth, Guru (spiritual master) concept, Prasad (sacred food) concept, devotional hymn-singing


  2. Ganeshascripture. S.


  3. Madhva school of Vedanta - HinduismGod is independent, soul is dependent, matter is dependent. All is external to God, Mason brick analogy. if souls are bound; salvation oriented, damnation oriented, or eternally doomed


  4. Tirtha7th incarnation and is in ramayana


  5. Singhcomb (physical and mental purity) S.