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  1. Singh
  2. Mind bin Qasim
  3. Five institutions of Sikhism
  4. Five ks of Sikhism
  5. Haumai
  1. a S. self-centered materialistic life (that must be given-up)
  2. b Japji, Gurudwara, Granth, Sangat, Langar
  3. c Kesh, kanga, kacch, kara, kirpan
  4. d 711 CE
  5. e S. Lion (for males)

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  1. scripture. S.
  2. S. wedding ceremony
  3. All night vigil
  4. 7th incarnation and is in ramayana
  5. strict monotheism, defensive militancy, no idol worship, no caste system, communal unity

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  1. Alankarahindu annointing of an idol


  2. Pahul ceremonyS. "baptismal" ceremony when one is admitted into the khalsa order. five khalsa sikhs witness ceremony, while sixth stirs with a double-edged dagger, holy water with sugar.


  3. Madhva Hinduism1238-1317


  4. karaS. Princess (for females)


  5. Guru Granth SahibAdi Granth plus the hymns of the 9th Guru