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  1. Naivedya
  2. Al-hind
  3. Five institutions of Sikhism
  4. Which hindu gods are vedic?
  5. Puja
  1. a Hindu offering of food
  2. b Varuna, Indra
  3. c Hindu worship service
  4. d Arabic for India
  5. e Japji, Gurudwara, Granth, Sangat, Langar

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  1. briefs (sexual morality and decency) S.
  2. Sing, Kaur
  3. Golden Temple (Holiest shrine of sikhism built by the 5th guru (Amritsar, Punjab State, India)
  4. Pahul ceremony, Anand Karaj
  5. S. "scripture keeper" (functions as a priest)

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  1. Granthscripture. S.


  2. Hindu Classifications of the 18 PuranasPuranas extolling the supremacy of the god Brahma, "" Vishnu, ""Shiva


  3. Ramayan7th incarnation and is in ramayana


  4. Sangatcomb (physical and mental purity) S.


  5. Ramarefers to one hindu god