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  1. Kirat Karna
  2. Nam Japna
  3. Puja
  4. Five ks of Sikhism
  5. Shankara Hinduism
  1. a S. earn a livelihood by decent means through hard physical work and/or mental effort
  2. b Hindu worship service
  3. c S. meditate on God's name
  4. d 788-820
  5. e Kesh, kanga, kacch, kara, kirpan

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  1. Varuna, Indra
  2. Pahul ceremony, Anand Karaj
  3. sacred prayer. S.
  4. 570-632 CE
  5. God into two aspects, souls and matter. all is internal to god. souls are either; eternally saved, saved from samsara, or bound in samsara

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  1. Alankarafree food for all after Sikh worship-service. S.


  2. Sikh religious functionariesPahul ceremony, Anand Karaj


  3. Ummayyad Caliphate632-660 CE


  4. Langarfree food for all after Sikh worship-service. S.


  5. Battle of Tours732 CE