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william h. crawford

1824 Republican presidential nominee who had poor health

house of representatives

the 1824 presidential election was decided by the _____. they selected john quincy adams as president

john quincy adams

he believed that the nation should shift from a farming-based economy to a manufacturing economy. he was andrew jackson's opponent in 1828

andrew jackson

was the 1828 democratic-republican candidate. his popularity with the "common man" changed politics. he was raised in poverity by his mother


in order to damage the reputation of the other candidate, both parties resorted to _____ in the 1828 election


mistrusted strong central government

national republicans

wannted strong central government

daniel webster

defended "liberty and unison"


an overwhelming victory

spoils system

the practice of replacing government employees with the winning candidate's supporters became known as the _____


some _____ wanted to seceed, or break away from the united states

force bill

the _____ sent the message that the federal government would not allow the state to go its own way without a fight

first national party

the democrats held the _____ convention in the 1832 election year

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