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Chapter 8 Theory

Coding, Chapter 8 Chapter Review Questions
Current Procedural Terminology
CPT stands for? _______ __________ _______
Category III codes
The CPT manual often reflects the technologic advances made in medicine with these codes.
The CPT manual is ever changing and is updated annually to reflect technologic advances and editorial ____________
Unlisted code
What type of code ends with 99?
Coding information that pertains to an entire section is located in the _____________
Category II codes
These codes provide supplemental information and do not substitute for a Category I code. _______________
What is the name of the two-digit number or a digit and a number that is located after the CPT code number and provides more detail about the code?
Appendix A
Where is a list of all the modifiers located (CPT manual)? ______________
special report
When using an unlisted or Category III code, third-party ayers usually require the submission of what?
______________ ____________
Additions, deletions, and revisions are listed in which Appendix? ________
A listing of add-on codes is located in which Appendix? __________
- (hyphen)
The symbol used between two code numbers to indicate that a range is available is a _________?
Subsection, Section, Subheading, Category
See page 246 in Text: Using figure 8-31 (bottom of page) Identify, in this order, #13, #14, #15, #16
Lightening bolt
The symbol that indicates a product is pending FDA approval is the __________________?
Appendix K
A complete list of the codes disgnated with the symbol that indicates a product is pending FDA approval is listed in this appendix of the CPT manual ____________.
Appendix I (capital i)
The Genetic Testing Code Modifiers are listed in this appendix of the CPT manual. ____________.