Chapter 6

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Which of the following seeks to develop short range plans seeking to effectively and efficiently manage components and/or subassemblies over time period of few days to a few weeks?
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Using the ________________ multiple software infrastructures and databases may have to be used to link the multiple applications obtained from different vendors.Best-of-breed solutionIf an available-to-promise (ATP) for any period is negative, the deficit must be subtracted from the:MOST recent positive ATPWhich of the following basic production strategies works best with make-to-order manufacturing firms?chase production strategyNot all ERP software is designed to provide the exact same tools, nonetheless, some of the common modules usually included in ERP software packages include:Customer relationship management and Human resource managementWhich strategy allows finished goods inventories to accrue and relies on backlogs to handle the demand?The Level Production StrategyWhich of the following is NOT a common module of ERP systems?MArketing Resources managementLegacy MRP systems typically utilized multiple software packages and databases which caused:the same information to be stored in multiple locationsThe ___________ solution picks all the desired applications from a single vendor for the ERP system.single integratorthe chase strategy works well when highly skilled workers are neededFALSEwhich production strategy uses overtime and subcontracting to cope with the high demand periodsthe level production strategywhich material plan's time horizon is shorter than APP, but longer than production lead time?master production schedulein a bill of materials, items at which level are independent demand items?Level 0why are firms migrating to ERP systems?ERP systems tie together a variety of specialized systems.what is the most important output of the MRPplanned order releases