Cold War Questions

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Difference on the goals of the US and the USSR after WWII?
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What is Democracy? Which countries were democratic?Democracy is where everybody votes for what they want. Some democratic countries were North America, Western Europe and Australia.What is an arms race? How did the US and USSR compete in an arms-race?An arms race is when 2 opposing countries try to get better technology than the other. The US and USSR competed to create better nuclear weapons and technology the fastest to threaten each other.What is containment? Who used this policy? What doctrine created this policy?Containment is when one country tries to prevent another country from spreading. America used this. The Truman Doctrine is when the US supported Greece and Turkey to prevent them from becoming communists.What is the Iron Curtain? Who spoke about it? What was the purpose of his speech?The Iron Curtain is the border between the communists and the capitalists. President Truman spoke about it to persuade other countries to become capitalists and not communists.What caused uprisings in Poland? How did the Soviets respond?The polish wanted better treatment (more pay) and the Soviets responded by bringing in their army and getting rid of the resistance. The polish uprisings were basically a bunch of polish rebels.Hungarian Uprisings.The Hungarians rebelled for more pay and better treatment overall and the Soviets came in and beat them into submission.What caused uprisings in Czechoslovakia? How did the Soviets respond?The uprisings were caused by poor working conditions like dangerous factory conditions. The Soviets responded by bringing in their army and threatening them.What is the major theme that ties the 3 uprisings together?The poor treatment of the people.What happened during the Space Race? Why was it important? What major theme of the Cold War does it tie into?The Soviets and US raced to see who could develop better space technology first like putting a man into space, then putting a man on the moon. It was important because it boosted our space technology for today. It ties into a limited war because there was no fighting.What happened during the creation of the Berlin Wall? Why was it important? What major theme does it tie into?The Berlin Wall was when the Soviets built a wall to keep people from escaping to the western part. 100 people were shot dead during the entire Cold War. It showed how the Soviets didn't want anyone converting to capitalism.What happened in the Vietnam war?North Vietnam fought South Vietnam and the US helped South Vietnam fight North Vietnam in order to stop Communism.What happened in the Korean war?North Korea fought South Korea and the US helped South Korea fight North Korea in order to stop Communism.Who was Mao Zedong?The Communist ruler of China, he made the whole country convert to Communism.What happened during the Chinese civil war? What ended up happening?The Communist north of China fought the Capitalist south of China for full dominance. The Communists ended up winning.What happened during the Chinese cultural revolution?Mao improved food production and industries.What happened during the great leap forward?An attempt to improve China's economy, this attempt failed miserably.What is McCarthyism?When Senator McCarthy made people accuse each other for being Communists.What happened during the Cuban missile crisis?The USSR sent nuclear missiles to Cuba.What happened during the Cuban Revolution?Cuba revolted against their current government and became a Communist country.What happened during the invasion of the bay of pigs?The Cubans that were still Capitalists tried to take back Cuba and failed.What were some of the countries that went against the USSR?Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.How did the USSR fall?The Russian people were unhappy.