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____ is NOT a reflex.


a ___ reflex is elicited by gently touching the infant's cheak


____ is a brief period when an infrant stops breathing

4 - 5 months

Depth perception in infants appears at ______

interaction with the environment

The Brazelton test assesses an infant's

Treatment of a neurological problem

Neurological assessment is NOTused for


Breathing, sucking and swallowing are all ____

visual area.

The final area of the brain to develop is the ___ ___


____ is a disorder caused by the lack of a substance called surfactant.


When infants demonstrate a decrease in attention, this is called ____

behavioral assessment

The Brazelton test is a type of ___ ____


Infants from ____ show preferences for certain types of stimuli.

tertiary circular reactions

An infant's search for novelty during the sensorimotor period is seen in

6th to 12th mont

Infants initially show memory ability during


In the development of language, children about 1 year of age begin to use recognizable

cognitive structures

According to Piaget, the acquisition of language in children depends on


By ___ months, a child has begun to run.


___ is NOT a major accomplishment of the sensorimotor period.

Sensorimotor period

Sense of space, Casuality and Time sequence are all major accomplishments of _____

Information processing theorists

____ argue that cognitive development occurs by gradual improvement of such cognitive processes as attention and memory.


A 2 year old kid may have a vocab of ____ words


___ believed that the roots of language and thought were separate and only became linked via development.

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