24 terms

lesson 17 unit 3

What was the renaissance the birth of?
art and learning
What was the Medici family famous for?
patrons of the art
What were they known for? Thomas Moore
christian humanists
What was the first full size book that Guttenburg printed?
the bible
In what ways was Leonardo Davinchi the renaissance man?
-he was a painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist
Luther protested the practice in selling indulgences. What was this pracitce called?
pardons that released people from sins
Who decided himself head of English Church?
Hnery VIII
What was John Calvin;s major teachings?
What is a synonim for secular?
A person who produces work in the vernacular?
common language
In Greek the word Eutopia means?
no place
In 559 the Anglican Church became the church of what country?
What term means to take backa statement?
founder of jesuits
ignatius of loyola
the council of trent agreed that?
pope's ionterpretation of the Bible is final
King is head of english church
act of supramacy
What about Italy's location made them have the renaissance?
access to roman ruins
What was an i portant effect of inventing the pringing press?
increased literacy and reading in the vernacular
What was a major reason for the reformation?
Martin Luther (interpretation of the Bible)
What were Martin Luther's main beliefs?
fait is needed for salvation
Henry VIII what was his main reason for the split withthe Catholic Church?
he wanted a son not a daughter
the priest prospers in war between who?
the protestant and catholic german princes
the study of classical texts caused humanists to focus on what subject?
This woman was wife od the king of Engliand, a mother, a Queen, an aunt blah blah blah?
katharine of aragon