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Questions throughout the book

What is Hannah's complaint to her mother?

She doesn't want to go to the Seder dinner of Passover at her grandparents

Where do Hannah's grandparents live?

The Bronx

Why was Hannah's younger brother scared?

He was to read the Four Questions from the Haggadah

For whom is Hannah named?

For a dead friend of her favorite Aunt Eva's

What has Grandpa Will so upset?

He is watching a television newscast showing footage from the Holocaust

When Hannah was younger what did she do that she thought would please her Grandpa Will?

She took a ballpoint pen and wrote numbers on her arm

Why does Aunt Eva light the candles in Grandma Belle's house every holiday?

She had no house or family of her own; it is a privilege Grandma Belle extends to honor her; and it is their family tradition

Grandpa Will decides that Hannah is old enough to:

Partake in the wine toasting

Aaron mostly enjoy's the:

Opening of the door for Elijah

The Stern family opens the door to admit the prophet Elijah because:

It is a Jewish tradition; it reminds them of when Jews were forced to keep their door open; and it was to show the Christians they were not practicing blood rituals

When Hannah says, "Ready or not, here I come,":

She is transformed into another time and place

On what does Hannah blame the daydream-like scene?

The wine

Where is Hannah and with whom?

In a Polish shtetl with a pleasant man named Schmuel and his sister Gitl; some place unfamiliar where they call her Chaya; and a place where they speack Yiddish

Schmuel is frightened of being married. True or False?


When Hannah raves about living in New Rochelle Gitl and Schmuel:

Think her illness has taken its toll on her

Who comes to visit Schmuel and Gitl the morning of the wedding?

Yitzchak, the red-headed butcher, and his two children come to help

What does Gitl tell Hannah to wear to the wedding?

The blue sailor-suit dress she wore to Schmuel's Bar Mitzvah; a dress Hannah says is a rag; and a dress Hannah thinks in suitable for a Halloween party

Who does Hannah meet that she thinks will make her 'dream' experience more interesting?

A group of four girls

The shtetl girls wish they could go:

To school like Hannah does

Hannah entertained the girls by:

Retelling movies and stories

Fayge and Schmuel's forthcoming marriage is the result of:

Intense love

What quick observation does the badchan make of Hannah?

He calls her wise and an old girl in young-girl disguise

What does the badchan remind Hannah of?

A jester

Fayge is thrilled to do the wedding dance on the way to her village. True or False?


When Fayge meets Hannah she;

Treats her with consideration and kindness

When the wedding party approaches the village they see:

Trucks and automobiles parked in front of the shul

Hannah is able to determine what is going to happen next because:

The Nazi soldiers remind her of the TV program

Hannah tells the rabbi:

To turn the wagons back; that six million Jews will die; and not to ask her how she knows, she just does

The offices allow the wedding party to progress into the shul and hold service. True or False?


The officers tell the group that:

They are only following orders and that they will guard their homes and stores while they are resettled

To calm their fears, the Jews in the trucks:

Sang a kidnapping song loudly

The first thing the group sees upon arrival at the train station is:

Their relatives' belongings placed in piles along the tracks

The Nazi officer demands that the group of Jews:

Hand over their papers and jewelry and lie down on the ground

After the group has obeyed the officer's orders, they are:

Herded into two boxcars and locked inside

What message adorns the gates of the camp?

Work will set you free

Hannah speaks out and questions the woman guard so she:

Must surrender her blue hair ribbons and is slapped on both cheeks

After the group of women and girls undress for the shower, why doesn't Hannah share her memories?

She is afraid of the blue-coated woman guard's temper; wants to forget all the painful information she has stored; wishes to allow the rest of their hope, since it is all they have

After Hannah's hair has been shorn, she realizes:

She has lost her memory along with her hair

Choose the command Hannah gives herself to numb the shock.

Don't think. Do.

Where were they sent immediately after their heads were shaved?

To get some clothing from a dimly-lit room

When Gitl tries to leave the barracks to find something to eat for the children, what does the young soldier tell her?

That is Jew smoke; learn to eat when it's given to you; they will get used to it

When Hannah tries to brush the fly away from Tzipporah the next morning:

She finds out that Tzipporah died in her sleep

Rivka tells the newcomers to use their Every Bowl for:


The Nazi commander tells the newcomers that they will:

Never complain

All of Rivka's family has been sent to the ovens since their arrival a year ago. True or False?


Which rule Rivka says is the most important rule of survival in the camp?

Help the little ones in the midden

The night Rivka shares the rules for survival at camp Hannah dreams of:

A schoolyard scene where she is an outcast

The signal for the young children to hide in the midden when the commandant is coming is:

A clucking sound made by placing the tongue against the roof of the mouth

What main advantage does Gitl's camp job afford her?

The men and women can talk in the sorting shed and news can be spread

The Devil's Arithmetic is:

The adding and subtracting of the processed and those that are left; one more day alive

Hannah feels that Reuven's choosing was her fault because:

She thinks she should have told the commandant he was her brother

Rivka's response to Hannah's outrage that they should go down fighting is:

We are all heroes here; it is harder to die this way than go down fighting

Fayge's story of the werewolf's heart full of pain is

Far above all the girls' understanding; meant to tell of the earth's wickedness and her pain at the loss of her father; is a strange tale to have been told by a rabbi

Fayge was made to watch her beloved's execution. True or False?


Who is the Kommando carrying Fayge's body?

Rivka's brother, Wolfe

How did nature respond to the tragedies of camp?

Brilliant sunsets; soft breezes; bright flowers bloomed

When the new guard confronted the girls they were:

Listening to Hannah's ravings about the future

When Aunt Eva offers to explain her tattoo to Hannah, Hannah begins to sob. True or False?


Hannah learns from Aunt Eva that:

Grandpa Will was Wolfe, the Kommando who carried Fayge's body and Gitl and Yitzchak lived a long life in Israel

Emmanuel Ringelblum, Jewish historian, claims there were the victories of the camps. True or False?


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