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Beneficial microbes teslageiger

what causes protein denaturation in femented milk?
acid produced by microbial activity
what is used as a starter culture in milk?
lactobacillus spp
lactococcus lactis
what is the optimum temperature to incubate femented milk?
25-30 C
how do you make the buttery flavor?
lactococcus lactis converts citrate to diacetyl (buttery flavor)
what is the starter culture ratio of yogurt?
strptococcus theomphilus and lactobacillus
how is curd created?
acid coagulates milk
what can be used instead of lactic acid fermentation to make curd?
rennin from genetically egnineered microbes
how do you make blue cheese?
pencillium roqueforti spore
how do you make camembert?
pencillium camemberti
what does ripening do to cheeses?
hardens the cheese
what creates carbon dioxide holes in swiss cheese?
what is curd in cheese?
solid casein from lactic acid bacteria and rennin
what is why?
liquid separated from curd
how is hard cheese produced?
by lactic acid bacteria
how is semisoft cheese ripened?
on a penicillium surface
what are examples of beneficial microbes in meats?
cured hams
what is used for sausage making?
pediococcus cerevisesiae
lactobacillius plantarum
how is sour dough bread made?
yeast undergo alcohol fermentation
what causes breads to rise?
carbon dioxide raises
ethanol from yeast bakes off
what gives sour dough bread the acid taste?
what converts sugar to ethyl alcohol and co2?
saccharomyces cereviseiae
what converts malic acid to lactic acid?
lactic acid bacteria
what is the function of acetobacter or gluconobacter?
converts ethyl alcohol to acetic acid (vinegar)
what fermenting bacteria is used in country cured hams?
penicium spp.
what fermenting bacteria is found in fish sauces?
halophillic bacillus spp
what is used to ferment coffee beans?
erwinia dissolvens
saccharomyces spp
what is used to ferment olives
leuconostoc mesenteroides
what is used to ferment san francisco sour dough bread?
lactobacillus sanfrancisco
what are examples of extracted substances in industrial microbiology? (6)
amino acids
citric acid
how is cellulase produced
trichoderma viride
how is lipase produced?
aspergillus iger
what is lipase used in
laundry dtergent, tanning leather
waht is cellulase use din?
fruit juices, coffee, paper