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Vi møttes på skolen.

We met at school.

Vi møttes på jobben.

We met at work.

Vi møttes på nettet.

We met on the web.

Vi møttes gjennom felles venner.

We met through common friends.

Hun tok initiativet.

She took the initiative.

Han inviterte meg på kino.

He invited me to dinner.

Jeg bad ham på kaffe.

I asked him to coffee.

Jeg sjekket opp henne.

I flirted with her.

Vi sjekket opp hverandre.

We flirted with each other.

Han gav seg ikke.

He didn't give up.

Det var kjærlighet ved første blikk.

It was love at first sight.

Kjemien stemte.

The chemistry was right.

Jeg falt for sjarmen hans.

I fell for his charm.

Jeg falt for hele personen.

I fell for the whole person.

Det sa "pling" med en gang.

It said "click" right away.

Jeg syntes han var kjekk.

I thought he was handsome.

Jeg syntes hun var søt.

I thought she was cute.

Vi har vært sammen i 30 år.

We have been together for 30 years.

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