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  1. ventricular tachycardia (V-Tach)
  2. nitroglycerin
  3. cardiovascular system
  4. pedal edema
  5. sudden death
  1. a the heart and the blood vessels
  2. b a medication that dilates the blood vessels
  3. c a cardiac arrest that occurs within 2 hours of the onset of symptoms. the patient may have no prior symptoms fo coronary artery disease
  4. d a condition in which the heartbeat is quite rapid; if rapid enough, ventricular tachycardia will not allow the heart's chambers to fill with enough blood between beats to produce blood flow sufficient to meet the body's needs
  5. e accumulation of fluid in the feet or ankles

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  1. pain in the chest, occurring when blood supply to the heart is reduced and a portion of the heart muscle is not receiving enough oxygen
  2. swelling resulting from a build up of fluid in the tissues
  3. the dilation, or ballooning, of a weakened section of the wall of an artery
  4. a blanket term used to represent any symptoms related to lack of oxygen (ischemia) in the heart muscle
  5. diseases that affect the arteries of the heart

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  1. dysrhythmiashortness of breath; labored or difficult breathing


  2. thrombusa clot formed of blood and plaque attached to the inner wall of an artery or vein


  3. cardiac compromisea blanket term that refers to a heart problem with a rapid onset


  4. asystoleshortness of breath; labored or difficult breathing


  5. congestive heart failure (CHF)the failure of the heart to pump efficiently, leading to excessive blood or fluids in the lungs, the body, or both