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  1. pedal edema
  2. apnea
  3. pulmonary edema
  4. angina pectoris
  5. dysrhythmia
  1. a no breathing
  2. b a disturbance in heart rate and rhythm
  3. c accumulation of fluid in the feet or ankles
  4. d accumulation of fluid in the lungs
  5. e pain in the chest, occurring when blood supply to the heart is reduced and a portion of the heart muscle is not receiving enough oxygen

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  1. swelling resulting from a build up of fluid in the tissues
  2. a condition in which the heart's electrical impulses are disorganized, preventing the heart muscle from contracting normally
  3. blockage, as of an artery by fatty deposits
  4. the failure of the heart to pump efficiently, leading to excessive blood or fluids in the lungs, the body, or both
  5. diseases that affect the arteries of the heart

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  1. asystoleshortness of breath; labored or difficult breathing


  2. acute coronary syndrome (ACS)accumulation of fluid in the lungs


  3. embolismblockage of a vessel by a clot or foreign material brought to the site by the blood current


  4. thrombusswelling resulting from a build up of fluid in the tissues


  5. nitroglycerina medication that dilates the blood vessels