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  1. Right Angle
  2. Scalene
  3. Heptagon
  4. Dodecagon
  5. Reflection
  1. a One of four congruent angles made by a perpendicular lines.
  2. b Is the movement of a figure across a line, producing a mirror or congruent image of the figure.
  3. c A polygon that has seven angles and seven sides.
  4. d A polygon with 12 angles and 12 sides.
  5. e A triangle with no equal sides.

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  1. A plane figure with four sides and four angles.
  2. A closed plane figure with sides made of straight line segments. It is closed -- that means it has no end points.
  3. An angle greater than a right angle and less than straight angle
  4. A figure formed by two rays.
  5. A straight sided plane figure with two equal sides.

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  1. DecagonA polygon with ten angles and ten sides.


  2. HexagonA polygon with six angles and six sides.


  3. OctagonA polygon with eight angles and eight sides.


  4. TriangleA figure formed by two rays.


  5. TranslationA change in the position of a figure. Reflections, rotations, and translations are examples of transformations.