Organisms and Environments 5th grade science STAAR

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Food chainThe path of food energy from one organism to another in an ecosystem.Food webA connection of food chains with many food energy paths in an ecosystemConsumerAn organism that gets energy by eating other organismsDecomposerAn organism that breaks down wastes and dead organismsPopulationsAll the living things that belong to the same group and live in the same area.PreyAn animal that is hunted as food.RoleA part or function of an organismTransfer (energy)A consumer gaining energy from what he eatsStructureWhat something is made of, its parts and how they are put together.FunctionJob/ role something hasSpeciesA group of organisms with similar characteristics that allow them to reproduceAdaptAn inherited trait or learned behavior that helps an organism survive in its surroundings.CharacteristicsA distinguishing feature or quality.TraitsA characteristic of an organism.Inherited traita characteristic that is passed from parent to offspringLearned behaviorBehavior that develops from observation or instruction rather than being passed down by heredity.

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