Electrical Engineering - Unit 3

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linear(adj) able to be expressed as a straight line on a graphmeasurement(n) the action of finding the exact value of something by measuring itmultimeter(n) a tool designed to measure electric current, voltage and resistancemultiplication(n) a sum where numbers are multiplied togethernon-linear(adj) not able to be expressed as a straight line on a graphperpendicular(adj) forming an angle of 90 degrees to a given line or surfacephotovoltaic(adj) relating to a system for creating electricity directly from the sun's rayspolarity(n) the direction of a magnetic or electric fieldpotential(adj) the quantity determining the charge in an electric fieldproportional(adj) corresponding in size, amount or degree to something elserelationship(n) the way in which two or more things are connected or behave towards each otherreluctance(n) the opposition to magnetic field flux through a given volume of material or spaceresistor(n) a device having resistance to the movement of an electric current in a circuitrise(n) an increase in the amount or level of somethingsupply(n) an amount of a thing that is available for use; (v) to make something available for useterminal(n) a point of contact for closing an electric circuitturns(n) moving in a circular direction around an axis or point (e.g., the turns in a coil)