Electrical Engineering - Unit 6

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eliminate(v) to get rid of somethingexceed(v) to be greater than a particular number, amount or measurable thingfeedback(n) the procedure of returning part of the signal output from a circuit to the input of that circuitfluctuate(v) to go up and downinput(n) something that is put into a systemintegral(adj) very importantoffset(n) the opposite effect, the creation of a more balanced situationoscillation(n) a regular movement between magnitude or position, especially of an electric currentoutput(n) the results of a processovershoot(n) an act of overshooting, going past somethingparameters(n) factors that decide or set the conditions in which something can operatepedal(n) a flat bar on a machine, e.g., a car, that you press with your foot to operatepossibility(n) something that may be chosen or done from a number of alternativesprocess(n) a series of actions; (v) to perform a specific set of actionsprogramme(n) a set of related measures or activities with a particular purpose; (v) to provide a machine with coded instructions to do a particular taskrate(n) how one quantity changes in relation to another quantityreaction(n) a response to an eventresponse(n) a reaction to something that has been done or has happenedset(adj) planned or fixed in advance and never changing; (v) to adjust a device or machine so that it carries out a particular processsignificant(adj) important enough to be noticeablestable(adj) secure and unchangingsystem(n) an organized way of doing somethingtest(v) to do something to a machine in order to find out if it is safe or works correctlytight(adj) firm and difficult to move, undo or opentrial(v) to test something new to find out if it is safe or works correctlytune(v) to adjust an engine or a machine so that it runs smoothly and efficientlyunderdamped(v) to take a system longer to reach a steady stateunstable(adj) likely to change suddenly or fail; volatilevariable(n) a value that does not stay fixed; (adj) subject to change